So I've gotten quite a few submissions on my site rating form on the home page.
Don't get me wrong, that's why it's there. I really wanted some feedback (if you rated it below a 5) so that I could fix whatever you didn't like.
Well, it's really nice to get a 5 which is what I get most of the time and I love that because it makes me feel good since I designed this (aside from the Weebly template) all by myself. But when the form says "If you rated below a 5 please let me know what I could change to make it better" it means I want that feedback.
In other words, all of the people that rated my site a 3 or below, since you already had the guts to rate it that low, how about also having the guts to tell me why.
I'm really not trying to be mean since I'm a good hearted person, but it annoys me that not one of the 4 people that rated it that low added any kind of comment.
I know that it's only 4 people, but it's kind of hurtful when you try your best to make something to suit everyone else and less than a handful (thank goodness that's all) are just plain mean.
I'm removing the rating form. Thank you to everyone who appreciates the work I've done with the site!
Rant over! :)

Anyway, tomorrow I have a couple blog trains to post for you so keep an eye out for those and I hope you have a great evening/day/night/morning (lol)!

Thanks for looking!
♥Priscilla Ashley♥

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