Well I thought the Internet would be back on by now but it's not. Hopefully I'll have it on by Friday. I've been working on some freebies and new products for the store so there's plenty to make up for lost time, I promise! I have a freebie for you today that I had already uploaded before the Internet problem, so you'll find the link below. And I took a picture of the kit preview on my computer since I'm unsure how to transfer the files from my computer to my iPhone without emailing them. If anyone would be so kind to share, I'd greatly appreciate it. On to the freebie!
It's the Girly Girl mini kit that I made for the June W4E color challenge.

I couldn't get the link to work correctly so please just copy and paste or of you have Firefox, you can right click and choose open link or open link in new tab.


Thanks for looking!

♥Priscilla Ashley♥


Kyla Fleischmann
08/14/2013 6:37pm

Hi! There are ALOT of ways to get files frim your PC to iPhone. You can save from PC to the Cloud and then open on your iPhone in the Cloud app. OR (my persobal fav) plug your iPhone into your PC and save it to iPhone just like it's an external drive. You'll see tge DCIM folder in Explorer.

Priscilla Ashley
08/15/2013 8:39am

Oh, wow, I'll have to try that! Thank you so much for the advice!


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